Sebastian Schindel

Director - Producer

Co-Manager of the production
company Magoya Films S.A.

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Born in 1975 in the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina, he graduated from the Philosophy School at the University of Buenos Aires where he majored in philosophy and Greek tragedy.

He later enrolled at ENERC, National School of Film Experimentation and Production, under the authority of INCAA, where he majors in Cinematography.

He was a member of the jury at the Fifth Edition of BAFICI (2004). That same year he was named Best Young Producer by Arte France at the BsAsLab 2004. Thanks to this award he attended, with his project THE LANDLORD, the Produire au Sud during the 26th 3 Continent Festival in Nantes, France.

He writes an installment on Production for the magazine Cinemania. He is a Co-Manager of the company Magoya Films S.A.


Rerum Novarum (2001)
Cuba Plástica (Plastic Cuba) (2003)
Germán (2004)
Que sea rock (Let it be rock) (2006) for ARIES CINEMATOGRAFICA
Mundo Alas (2009), co-directed by León Gieco and Sebastián Schindel
TV Series for Channel Encuentro "Mundo Alas – Una Gira Diferente (A different tour)" (2009)

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