Magoya Films is a film and TV production company founded in 1997 by Sebastián Schindel, Fernando Molnar and Nicolás Batlle.

His experience in international production has been filming in in Russia, USA, Canada, Japan, Italy, Norway and throughout Latin America.

His productions have received acclaim and won awards around the world, among them are: RERUM NOVARUM, GERMAN, CUBA PLASTICA (PLASTIC CUBA), PESCADORES (FISHERMEN), EL TORO POR LAS ASTAS (THE BULL BY THE HORNS) and MUNDO ALAS: a road movie, with León Gieco with a group of disabled artists at a different tour, the film was the winner of 40 international and national awards: Southern Argentina Academy Award, Silver Condor and Clarin Award and was nominated for a Latin Grammy.

Stand out productions: HACERME FERIANTE (BECOMING A STALLHOLDER), about La Salada’s trade fairs, directed by Julian D` and Maytland, a fiction film about the only porn Argentine director, directed by Marcelo Charras. BELLEZA INTERIOR (INNER BEAUTY), directed by Luis Galmes and EL RASCACIELOS LATINO (THE LATIN SCKYSCRAPER), directed by Sebastian Schindel. EL FIN DEL POTEMKIN (THE END OF THE POTEMKIN), directed by Misael Bustos was produced by Historias Cinematográficas along with Magoya Films.

Now being finalized two feature films: THE BOSS (EL PATRON) directed by Sebastian Schindel, co-produced with Venezuela and with the support of Ibermedia, INCAA. The boss is starring for Joaquin Furriel and winner the WIP of Mar del Plata Film Festival 2013 and Guadalajara Cinema in construction 2014.

SHOWROOM directed by Fernando Molnar is starring Diego Peretti and it is supported for the INCAA.

Magoya Films is a member of CAIC (Argentina Chamber of Cinema Industry) and CAPPA (Argentina Chamber of Audiovisual Producers SMEs).

Also in 2009 received the Union Industrial Argentina Award.

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