We returned

Stories Argentinos who returned to live in his country.
Idea: Fernando Molnar.
Direction: Fernando Molnar y Hernán Belon.
Executive producer: Nicolas Batlle.
Research: Melina Abrutin.
Screenplay: Clara Ambrosoni y Daniela Goggi.
Production Manager: Cadi Martin.
Camera: Julian Chalde y Maximiliano Taricco.
Sound: Abel Tortorelli.
Sound: Martin Litmanovich
Graphic: Andres Ciambotti.

We returned aims to have the last 30 years of democracy based on the analysis of migration processes that occurred in Argentina, focusing on the stories of people who, since 2003, decided to return home. Returned has different stories of Argentines left the country or had to do it by some larger force. But their hopes of never again went out and managed to close the return.

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